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Dental Sedation

Are you a candidate for Dental Sedation?
Sedation Dentistry is especially useful for patients who have:

  • Fear of dental treatment
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A very sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems or a need for surgery

How Does Sedation Work? 

  • All anesthesia is administered and monitored by board certified and fully licensed anesthesiologist, Dr. Avishai Neuman.
  • A combination of sedatives and pain relievers are given intravenously to place you in a state of complete relaxation and comfort.
  • Beyond creating an optimal environment for you, the patient, dentistry with IV Sedation also allows us to complete multiple procedures in one appointment.
  • IV sedation is more reliable and the effects are immediate.
  • It allows the dentist to administer the exact right amount of sedation.
  • Your recovery will be quicker than with oral sedation.
  • You will not remember or be aware of any procedures or especially “getting numb.”  You breathe on your own; this is not like the hospital anesthesia where a machine breathes for you.


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